3 Ways to Develop a Successful Sales Perspective 

Bathologist showing a perfect sales perspective as she shows a customer how to order.

We recently had a sales call that went over three ways to develop a successful sales perspective, but in case you missed it we wrote a cliff note version that covers the basics 😉

1. What is Your WHY?

You need to know your why, you need to be hungry, you need to know what is compelling you to sell. Once you know your why everything else will become natural almost organic, because you know your purpose.

A purpose could be anything from a family vacation, a passion for the product, or making a car payment.

It doesn’t matter what your why or purpose is, as long as you remember what it is and let it drive your success.

Once you know your why you understand you’re making an investment into something even bigger than just a single blending bar’s sales. You know why you need to book more than just a few blending bars each month and why you’re willing to spend the extra time building and training your team.

2. Accountability

Take accountability for your own results. Don’t lay blame on an up-line or an area; success comes from the effort put in, not the circumstances surrounding you.

In the end there is no one else and nothing to blame except yourself for your lack of success.

At the end of each day you need to look in the mirror and say “Today was on me. My successes, my failures; I own that.”

3. Dealing with Adversity

Direct Sales is not the easiest job. You don’t get to show up every day and collect a paycheck. Commissions are based on the effort put in.

You need to reach out and talk to people every single day. You can use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, blending bars, family and friends and hopefully all the above and sometimes you’re going to be rejected.

Don’t let rejection become a failure because there is no failure, only feedback! When someone says no they’re not saying no to you, they simply didn’t value the product, or their needs and the value that you created did not align.

Take what you learned from that rejection and use it as feedback to improve. Always follow up again, because it may have just been a no because of the timing.

Reframe your failure, failing is an education and experience that will help you figure out what area in your business you should spend time fine tuning.


You’ll be more successful once you understand your why and work towards a purpose that matters to you personally.

Don’t let anyone or anything take the power from you. The authority and accountability is yours. Make each day successful by taking accountability for it.

A no is never a rejection or a failure. Take your adversities and turn them into opportunities and continue to improve.

Develop your own sales perspective and become one heck of a Bathologist today!

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