Exfoliation: Salt Scrub or Sugar Scrub?

Why do you need to exfoliate?

Ever wonder why your skin doesn’t feel moisturized right after applying your favorite lotion? Every day skin cells die and cover your body, preventing lotion from reaching the top layer of your skin. For healthy, smooth, glowing skin it’s important to exfoliate your skin! By removing that layer of dead skin cells and product build up you better your skin’s health. Not only will your body moisturizer work better after you exfoliate, your skin will look brighter and have an even tone!

For a perfect self tan, use a scrub before applying. This will give you an even application and stop build up in the elbows and ankles. Regular exfoliation can also help prevent in-grown hairs that result from shaving.

Which is better? Sugar scrub or salt scrub?

Sugar particles are small, round, and a less abrasive exfoliation option. The softer particles still exfoliate well, and will give you that fresh skin glow. You can use sugar scrub everyday and never over exfoliate. Whereas with salt scrub you should only be using it two to three times a week. Sugar scrub is perfect to use on sensitive skin and on the face.

Salt particles are coarser in texture and scrub deeper than sugar particles. Salt scrub is ideal for buffing away thick, rough patches of skin like calloused elbows, knees and feet. Use only two to three times a week on those tougher areas for optimal results. As an exfoliation it is a more effective option, but you have to be careful not to overuse and rub your skin raw in some areas. Never use on your face. While it may seem as a harder to work with than sugar scrub, there are many more benefits to using it. Salt scrub has many healing and antiseptic properties. It can kill bacteria and even reduce inflammation!


Decide which scrub fits your needs and will benefit you the most. Maybe you need a courser scrub to refresh your skin, or maybe you need a scrub that will gently exfoliate your skin everyday. Which ever you choose you can’t go wrong, because both scrubs remove dead surface cells and reveal radiant, glowing new skin!

P.S. If you’re ordering from Bathologie don’t forget to add an essential oil to either our organic sugar scrub or organic salt scrub for pure aroma therapy enjoyment!

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