Skin Hydration: Oil Spray vs Lotion Spray

Oil spray and lotion spray sitting next to each other in glass bottles for people to choose their optimum skin hydration.

Oil Spray

Use oil spray for quick skin hydration and to give you that tanning bed glow! It’s sort of like baby oil, but with a more adult smell and no greasy feeling. Oil spray is lighter than a body butter and improves your skin’s ability to retain moisture. Making it perfect for those winter days when your skin seems to chap the moment you step foot outdoors.

It is an oil and not a lotion so it will feel like an oil when you apply it and will take longer to dry, but that is a huge benefit when your struggling with dry skin and cold weather. For double the skin hydration we recommend you use the oil spray with an oil based lotion.

Lotion Spray

Lotion spray is the ultimate on the go lotion! It dries fast, adds a touch of scent, and leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated. If you need to shower and run to work, then this is the choice lotion option. No one likes to put on skinny jeans when their lotion is still wet.

However, look out for the ingredients when buying a lotion spray. Most lotions contain alcohol and humectants like glycerin that pull the hydration from your skin and make you even more dry. (You can find these ingredients in lip balms and glosses too, so check any product that supposedly moisturizes!) Some companies, like Bathologie, want your skin to be healthy and only use truly hydrating ingredients such as oils, Aloe Vera, and butters in their lotions and lotion sprays.

We want to hear from you!

Which one do you favor: lotion spray or oil spray?

P.S. Comment if you have any questions about your lotion ingredients or which moisturizing option is the best for you. We love when people take their skin hydration seriously! 

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