Sunburn Remedies

dried yellow flowers on sand spelling out the word sun to show sunburn remedies

It’s that time of year again and people everywhere are going outside to leave their pasty skin behind and emerge as beautiful tan beach bums. However, not all tans go as planned. The sun can be too intense for some of our pale friends (like me) and instead of turning out with the perfect golden tan, they (I) look like a walking lobster.

Here are some natural and organic tips I’ve used to help get rid of nasty sunburns faster and hopefully release the tan that was hiding beneath (for me it’s just back to being pale, but a girl can dream).

Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is the best known remedy for sunburns. You can buy it as a gel, lotion, and even spray. When buying aloe vera make sure the ingredients do not contain alcohol or dyes.

I really like Tropical Sands Aloe Vera Gel. It’s hypoallergenic and has all natural and organic ingredients. It’s saved several beach trips after I OD’d on the vitamin D.

If you have a light sunburn I would recommend using a natural lotion with aloe vera in its ingredients. The Bathologie Lotion Spray contains not only aloe vera, but avocado oil and you can add lavender and peppermint EO to it to help calm the pain and reduce the redness.


Oddly enough taking a bath in oatmeal does amazing things to soothe sunburns. I tried out this DIY method:

  • fill bathtub with lukewarm water
  • stuff steel cut oats (I got mine at the local grocery store) in a tube sock
  • tie a knot in the sock
  • let the stuffed tube sock soak in the bath
  • wring out tube sock into bath (water should look creamy and opaque)
  • soak for a at least 15 minutes
  • pat yourself dry with a towel

(*bonus* this method keeps the tub relatively clean compared to some of the other DIY ideas out there.)

It’ll help soothe the sunburn for a couple of hours and make you feel almost normal again.

However, you shouldn’t rely on oatmeal baths alone to remedy your sunburn. Always add aloe vera or an organic lotion without alcohol throughout the day to help moisturize and reduce the chance of peeling.


Lavender EO is known to calm a the burning sensation and reduce the redness of the sunburn. Some sources also say it will also speed up the healing process, which in my book is worth a try. And I’ll try almost any natural sunburn remedy (as long as it’s within reason; I’m not spreading ten dollars of greek yogurt on my arms #sorrynotsorry).

Other great tips for sunburns:

Stay hydrated! Drinking water and electrolyte drinks will help your skin heal. Sunburns are like any burn and require hydration–from the inside and out!

The best way to remedy all sunburn problems is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Always use 30+ sunscreen and to reapply when you’re in the sun for long hours. Also, don’t forget that certain makeup (like BB creams) and lotions also have sunscreen added.

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