Top 16 Influencer Principles for Direct Sales

Women looking at city view to show how to become an influencer

An influencer is someone who has the ability to listen and be listened too, change minds, and not be emotionally effected. They’re the best convincers, story tellers, and sellers. Few are born with the talents of being an influencer, but luckily this is something that can be learned. We compiled the top 16 influencer principles we’ve used to to become a better influencer in direct sales.

1. Grab Their Attention

Be memorable, and make people focus by giving them a reason to focus.

2. Make Them Curious

Once you get their attention, hold it. The best way to do this is to make them feel like their missing something.

3. Find Out What They Desire

Ask the right questions and find out if what you’re offering can fit their needs.

4. Make Them Envious

They may not personally desire the offer, but they might envy others that do and will buy it because they want to be like them.

5. Go On an Emotional Journey

Create an emotional response by telling a story people can connect with. This story should make them realize their have a pain, and how you can make them feel happy.

6. Make Them Believe

They have to believe life could be better, should be better, and can be better with because of you.

7. Give Them Justification

People buy with their heart, but justify what they bought with their head. Give them the information they need to justify what they’ve bought.

8. Make Them Trust You

Earning trust is hard, but the best way is to always keep your promises and be reliable. Once a buyer places their faith in you, they’re more willing to spend money with you.

9. One Step at a Time

The first step may seem small and hard at times, but once a buyer takes the first step, they’re more likely to take another. Once on they’re on the path, keep them on the path and follow up.

10. They Own Their Decision

Once a buyer purchases they should own the decision to buy. Don’t let them pass the ownership of the decision from themselves to you. You’re duty is to fulfill needs and show value.

11. Get Them Involved

Blending bars are designed to be a fun, interactive experience. When everyone is involved it makes the whole party more fun.

12. Be Inclusive

The more a person feels included in what is going on the more likely they are to continue to  buy.

13. Be Scarce

Make a person feel like they’re about to miss out on a limited time offer, or they only have a limited time to do or buy something.

14. Be Likeable

People buy from people they like. Be personable and make friends and sell.

15. Don’t Get Attached

Be indifferent to the outcome of any relationship. It’s important not to be needy, emotional, or overly attached. It’s best to give a person space and decide to come to you on their own, or with only a little prompting.

16. Get a Commitment

It’s easier to get a person to commit to something in a public space than it is when you’re one on one. The excitement and emotion from being in public make a person more willing to say yes.


By following these principles you can improve not only your direct sales, but how you interact with people in general. Practice daily in the home, with people in you’re up-line, or when making a sale at a Blending Bar. The more you use your power as an influencer the more you’ll see it’s easier to communicate with people and find out what you can do for them, and what they can do for you in return.

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